Why me ?

Any citizen can help in varied ways! 

Whether you are a student whose courses are now online, a researcher with a network in Quebec laboratories or simply a person preoccupied with COVID-19, your help is welcome!

How can I help ?

We need volunteer ambassadors in the movement to facilitate the distribution of equipment and coordinate logistics between donors and professionals as well as spread the news about this initiative. If you are interested in one of the following roles, please fill out the form below or join our Facebook volunteers group directly here.


Different possible roles are:

  • Outreach to potential donors

    • Create an exhaustive list of organizations that possibly have equipment


  • Outreach to hospitals

    • Establish links with point-persons at various Quebec hospitals


  • Donation coordination

    • Manage the coordination between donors and hospitals / clinics


  • Social media management


  • Data analysis


  • Delivery


  • Logistics, etc. 


The opinions expressed here do not reflect the official position of the Government of Quebec or the administrators of Quebec hospitals.